Marketing UK Credit Unions

One of Pillarbox Media's main focus areas is video for Credit Unions. We work with Councils, Action Groups and Credit Unions to help promote financial inclusion and expose the unfair practices of high cost credit providers like weekly payment stores, payday lenders, doorstep lenders and loan sharks.We want to help Credit Unions find new ways of attracting members to save and borrow through inventive content marketing campaigns centered around video; we know it works. A recent video campaign in County Durham reached over 70,000 people, so more people today now know what a Credit Union is. In fact the Credit Unions we have worked with have told us they have significantly increased their membership because of marketing with video.We have some great ideas for Credit Unions, but we don't have them all. We want to work closely with our CU clients to produce informative, emotional and creative films, based on their perspectives, it's good for them, but it also helps us to deliver our own social value.To arrange an informal discussion about how we can help your organisation, contact:

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