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The way we consume media is very much high level. We look at headlines and occasionally click for more detail. With so much clutter out there, not everything catches our eyes and ears, but when something is repeated enough, we take notice. So to get the most from our video marketing, we may want to consider the episodic approach, this not only gives us more scope, it also makes video easier to consume.
Studies have shown that corporate videos with a length of five minutes or less,  are the most effective.

So instead of thinking about that one epic production, why not consider a series of smaller, more affordable films that highlight the best of what you do? Something like a company profile followed by a case study, followed by an offer etc etc. This is not only effective, it also helps us to learn how to use video to our best advantage.

About Pillarbox Media - With a selection of clients ranging from precision engineers to cancer care charities, we offer a great value video production service to our customers that includes extras like scripting and branding, as well as everything else you would expect from a video production company.
We provide lighting, HD/4K cameras and supports, sound production, backed up with modern non-linear editing systems and our motion graphics platform. We also help segments of the non-profit sector and individuals make films that share their important messages through film; at low cost (or free) in some cases. We recently launched the Positive:)Me website, a platform designed to share the positive personal stories of those who have found healthy living through their own learning and from organisations that offer support. The aim of Positive:)Me is to help those with inspirational stories share them through film.

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