We work with some of the best creatives in the region; collaborating with other media companies enables us to scale up from single person crew to full production team

Products, events, marketing, communications promotions; we help all kinds of organisations build persuasive digital content

Everything we do starts with discussion; video can be a big decision so we'll present you with some options and let you decide how we take things forward

Our aim is to create content that informs and persuades, and we'll work hard to make sure your message connects emotionally

We want to help you give back to your community by creating content for you that demonstrates your social value.

Important messages need a strong personality - easy to consume and understand - video is one of the best ways to win the battle for attention online

We can be as creative or as conventional as you like, we understand your investment and the trust you are placing in us

We have a pricing structure that enables businesses of all sizes to make high quality digital content - we can tailor projects to work within a wide range of budgets

Pillarbox is a creative agency / video production company in Newcastle upon Tyne; we work throughout the region and beyond









Email -  info@pillarboxmedia.com