Most of us understand business owners are facing tough times and traditional marketing is becoming more and more expensive. The flip side is that professional video production is becoming less and less expensive, so why aren’t we using it more? ….we are here to help solve this problem.

Not everyone can visualise a film that personalises their brand or characterises their culture, and not everyone can imagine what the net benefits of a film that opens the door to your business 24 hours a day will be. …..but we can.

In our experience, many business people struggle with the concept of story telling about their business. It just doesn’t cut it these days to go on about how successful your business is, people want to see evidence in the form of testimonials and demonstrations; stories about your achievements or great service you have provided in the past.

We can help you to create a story about what you do and what you have done, in a number of ways. We have been doing this a long time, so why not let us come in and help you to make video one of the best marketing decisions you can ever make.

Integrating video into your website is like opening the door to your business. You can think of your website as your shop window, and your video as your personal message or greeting to your customers.  The more sophistiticated you become with video, the more it can help demonstrate your products or explain your services; in a very personable way. More importantly it can build trust in your organisation.


2014 Pillarbox Media