We all have stories to tell, but some of us would like to turn those stories into something that will generate interest in what we are doing? Of course there are several ways of telling a story; but there's something about video that connects with people, and one of the reasons is, it's easy to consume; having good videos can be like having a PR Team working for you 24/7.
Pillarbox Media work with a team of creatives from around the region producing effective videos for clients. We have a collaborative approach which means our clients benefit from a range of skills, but it also means we can scale up from a one man crew to a small production team when required. Our aim is, and always has been, to help businesses communicate with their market using the power of video, and with a pricing structure that enables businesses of all sizes to make videos, we can work within a wide range of budgets.......so let's create something











Promotional Video - Documentary Video - Training Video - Educational Video - Event Capture; everything we do starts with a free no obligation discussion about what type of video you want and what you want to achieve with it. It's often a big decision, so we'll present you with some options and let you decide how we take things forward.....there are no rules and it is sometimes about the exploration of ideas, but if you know exactly what you want, that's great for us too - get in touch today.

one man crew or full production team, we can deliver for you....call us now on 07963 315324 or email info@pillarboxmedia.com

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